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​Motorcyclist towed away along with bike

Motorcyclist towed away along with bike

KANPUR — In a bizarre incident reported from Kanpur on Wednesday, a motorcyclist and his motorcycle were towed away by a towing vehicle through the busy Mall road, leaving onlookers shocked on the streets of Kanpur in India.

The biker didn’t let go of his motorcycle, even as it was being towed away and remained seated atop his motorbike wearing his helmet while the tow car driver kept driving.

The funny incident was recorded on video which shows the rider wearing a helmet while holding the tow truck’s chain.

The motorcycle was towed after the rider, Mohammad Nouman, refused to pay a fee for parking in a restricted zone, traffilc police said.

“The cops then warned him that if he will not pay the fine his motorbike would be towed away and taken to the traffic police lines. The cops chained his bike with the traffic crane and were about to tow the vehicle, Nouman jumped and sat on the bike,” a traffic police spokesman told the Times of India.

Police said that Nouman apologized and paid the fine later and his motorcycle released.




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