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Lifestyle Lift Problems – are They Real?

Like with any other good thing, there are people who do not like the Lifestyle Lift or just try to find problems and negative thing about it. The question that arises then is how many of the so called Lifestyle Lift problems are real and how many are invented. Most of the problems people invoke already have solutions or at least have answers even if they are not what everybody wants to hear. The enumerated problems on different forums are the Lifestyle Lift cost, the scheduling, the after care and even the procedure itself. There are also problems because the locations where the procedure is available.

Most of these problems can be solved when one schedules a free consultation with the Lifestyle Lift experts. The problem now is that the procedure is so successful and affordable that a lot of people want to see if they can do it. Just imagine being wrinkle free in about an hour and walking out of the office with a younger face. The Lifestyle Lift cost is determined by the amount of work that needs to be done around your eyes and neck area. These areas require the most work. The price is around $4,000, but should not go over $5,000. Because the procedure is relatively short, it should not take more than an hour, and the anesthesia is local, there are no hospital costs, nurses to be paid or other services that occur when one is admitted to the hospital. Thus Lifestyle Lift cost should not be considered one of the Lifestyle Lift problems.

Another problem raised was the scheduling. Because of the affordable price, the success of the procedure and the quickly visible results, more and more people make an appointment for the free consultation. If one knows the procedure usually takes an hour, this is not valid for the free consultation. This is the phase of the process where one can ask questions about the actual Lifestyle Lift, about the procedure, the anesthesia, the estimated cost, the after care, the advantages and disadvantages of such a procedure if any, and so on. The cost of the procedure can be estimated because when the Lifestyle Lift expert explains the procedure he or she can do it on the face and neck of the person, thus assessing if he or she is a possible patient for such a procedure. Because of all the free consultations offered and the large amount of schedules procedure, new patients might have to wait several weeks to get the actual procedure done.

The procedure and the after care are also problems that can be solved during the free consultation. The goal of the Lifestyle Lift staff is to make sure you understand everything about the procedure, that they answer all your questions and that if the case, they schedule a date for you to get the procedure. You are encouraged to ask questions, before, during and after a procedure. As a patient you will also receive after care advice and medication for preventing infection and to reduce soreness. The usual recovery time after such a procedure is 4 to 7 days. This means that most of the people who had the procedure done were able to return to their daily activities in less than a week.



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