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Merakli, a massive rooster, sets off new Internet frenzy

KATHMANDU — The massive dog-sized chicken, with impressive white plumage and black tail feathers, steps out of a chicken coop and struts around a yard authoritatively in a Facebook video that has gone viral.

The video of massive chicken apparently named Merakli, sparked debate about whether the chicken was a fake, but experts said the giant bird is very real.

The video was first posted on March 17 on a Facebook page for chicken enthusiasts called Shpeztaria Dekorative (Decorative Poultry).

Facebook user Fitim Sejfijaj posted a video of the big bird to the Kosovo-based group on Facebook, and it went viral after being reposted to Reddit.

Then it was eeposted on The Press of World Facebook page on Sunday and more than 72 million views by Monday afternoon, and about two million Facebook users have shared it.

Twitteratis and Redditors questioned whether the giant chicken was a different animal dressed up to look like a big chicken, or whether camera trickery was used to make it appear larger.

Some netizens suggested that the chicken was a “man in a suit” and others asked if the video was an optical illusion.But poultry enthusiasts explained the bird is actually a Brahma chicken.

According to, Brahma chickens — their name is Sanskrit in origin —  are descended from the Chinese Shanghai.

Brahma chickens, dubbed the “King of all poultry” by the Livestock Conservancy, were bred in the United States after importing from China in 1840s. Female Brahma chickens can grow up to 13-14 pounds, while the males can reach 17-18.25 pounds.



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