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NY Times enlists Nepali director Rauniyar among 9 new directors

BAJURA  — The New York Times has enlisted Nepali film director Deepak Rauniyar in its ‘The 9 New Directors You Need to Watch’ list for his movie ‘White Sun’.

“Set in the wake of the Nepal civil war, White Sun, turns on a series of fraught, at times violent oppositions that emerge after the death of a village paterfamilias. It’s a seemingly ordinary event that sets off a series of minor and major dramas, as well as a touch of comedy, and which speaks to the nation’s lingering schism,” the NY Times said.

The American newspaper praises Rauniyar’s unconventional filmmaking process and pins hope on him to be the next global director.

The movie is set to be screened at New Directors/New Films on Wednesday through March 26.

“At center is the increasingly angry confrontation between the dead man’s sons: one, a former Maoist soldier who returns home for the funeral; the other, a political opposite who stayed behind. Each has his reasons, his grudges, his wounds, as well as a shared messy romantic history,” wrote critic Manohla Dargis for the NY Times.





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