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Fads and Fashion: Set the trend right with Samsonite travel bags in India

What is the most important fashion accessory for you? A straight fit, new yet old looking faded pair of jeans or a body hugging slim fit striped shirt? A grungy oxidized bracelet or a diamond studded nose ring? A ‘Boston Celtics’ printed baseball cap or a Tag Heuer, diver’s edition wrist watch? A pair of dangling earrings or a thin, delicate gold chain? Shining black lace-up leather shoes, or casual canvas sneakers?

The list of fashion accessories you can use to enhance your looks and personality is never ending. In such a huge list, there is no other fashion accessory that reflects on your personality and your choice of using classy things than the luggage that  you use to carry your belongings around. If you have decided to always look trendy and fashionable, always give a thought on the most appropriate piece of luggage that will make you look good. In the same way that you maintain your wardrobe, your makeup kit and your shoe rack, you ought to maintain a good set of travel bags for yourself ranging from suitcases, carry-on bags, carriers, handbags, leather bags, luggage bags, back-packs, hiking carry bags, trolley bags and tote bags.

The Indian consumer is becoming increasingly conscious of the designs and exclusive patterns of hisher luggage and baggage. Additionally, India, as a prime tourist spot of the world, experiences a large volume of travelers every year. As a result all luggage and travel bags companies in India are closely following international trends and designs. There are all other bells and whistles which are added in to vow the customer like ample safety features, theft-proof locking system, combination locks and sturdy, strong and light weight material used to manufacture the bags and suitcases. Efficient compartmentalization is also given ample importance as customers desire organized interiors with separate compartments for carrying CDs, floppies, shaving bags, etc. A break away from the usual trend of greys, blacks and browns is in the demand for more vibrant colours like bright reds, green, blues, burgundy & floral prints.

A wide range of luggage and travel bags of many brands are available in India which have now found their way into Global markets also.

A brand that is in sync with the latest trend of strong, light and vibrant coloured luggage is Samsonite Cosmolite. Samsonite has an international appeal and in India too it is hailed as a brand for the classy people. The Cosmolite suitcase is manufactured with the revolutionary Curv® technology (a registered trademark of Propex Fabrics GmBH), an innovative and highly performing material which makes it the strongest and the lightest.

Fads and fashion in Travel bags become the fads and fashion once they have been propogated by a big brand name. When it comes to travel bags, Samsonite is the premium brand to start all fads and fashions. Travel bags is not the only specialty of Samsonite. Samsonite helps you set the trend quotient right with its range of accessories that include shoes, wallets and hand bags.

People say that ‘You can judge a man by his shoes.’ In the same way you can even judge a man by the kind of luggage or traveling bag he uses. So, don’t let people be judgmental about you. There are hordes of Travel Bags and luggage brands available in India. Just go out there and pick yourself the bag or suitcase which best suits your personality. As far as getting the trend right is concerned, Samsonite always seems to get it right.

Get fashionable with the premium range of accessories (Suitcases, Handbags, Wallets, Shoes etc.) from Samsonite.



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