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So long, paper tickets. Ticketmaster will soon let you check into events with just a sound

Getting into live events could soon be a whole lot easier, thanks to a new Ticketmaster partnership.

According to a report on VentureBeat, the ticket company is teaming up with Lisnr — an ultrasonic audio technology that sends data over inaudible sound waves called Smart Tones — to launch Presence, a new audio-based ticketing technology.

Presence works by transfering data from smartphones directly to receivers in event venues, using sound. The receivers then scan the data to confirm your identity, turning your smartphone into an efficient mobile check-in device.

Essentially, by making Lisnr’s technology available on mobile devices with Presence, Ticketmaster hopes to do away with the classic paper tickets that make entering events such a hassle.

“Lisnr sends data over audio that’s completely inaudible by the human ear.”

According to a video obtained by VentureBeat, using the technology is simple. As you approach the venue, just take out your phone and it will broadcast your personal ticketing data, ensuring the lengthy process that normally occurs when attendants have to check paper tickets is now just a distance nightmare of the inconvenient past.

In the video, Lisnr co-founder and CEO Rodney Williams said the technology “sends data over audio that’s completely inaudible by the human ear” to create customized user experiences. By eliminating paper tickets and making each event attendance personalized, Ticketmaster hopes to eliminate fraud, bots, scalpers, and discouraging long lines.

VentureBeat also reported that Presence has the ability to track users’ locations in venues to send out helpful customized messages. While that feature sounds kind of creepy, the technology could also help eliminate friends losing each other in large crowds, thus creating a safer environment.

The new ticketing system is already live in venues around the world, clocking entry times at less than a second long. Over the next four years Presence is set to roll out globally to billions of people, so you could be whizzing into venues like a pro before you know it.

Mashable reached out to Ticketmaster and Lisnr for comment.

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