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BioEnergiser – A Sense of Balance

Perhaps at some time you have felt that your entire system was totally nonfunctioning, that there were so many issues going wrong that it was absolutely impossible to pinpoint any one of them. Sound familiar? Thank goodness there is at last a soothing therapeutic treatment that takes just a half hour of your time. Anybody can do it – dip both feet into a therapeutic container that has been filled with soothing, warm salt water. That’s not too complicated so far, right? Once you purchase the BioEnergizer Detox Spa System, you also obtain the D-Tox spa pan and kit, timer and control unit, thirty pan liners, 100g reduced sodium salt, measuring spoon, nylon storage pouch, teaching DVD and guidebook.

BioEnergiser appears to be a complex technique, but there truly is not a lot you actually have to understand. The BioEnergiser therapy is comforting, the therapy leads to incredible new vitality, mental and physical, and peaceful feelings of total wellness are yours at the conclusion of the treatment.

This is how it works:  Each foot has an astounding two thousand pores, more than any other section of the body. Thus, your feet are the most convenient and efficient place for applying BioEnergiser. The treatment begins as the energy stimulating cartridge produces a bio-energetic field, after which a flow of electrons enter the body through your feet.

This is why it’s effective:  Freshly rebalanced cells attain a general makeover, as well as rehydration, and this results in the extraction and dumping of an incredible amount of unwanted waste.

Far more than you probably grasp, contemporary living takes a toll on your mind and body. The off-kilter imbalance of bio-energy inside your body’s cells in particular shows that to be true. This instability might be brought on by a lifestyle which contains a poor diet, very little or no regular exercise, alcohol, smoking, disease and illness, tension, worry, and use of anesthetics or other drugs. This lifestyle may result in a variety of ailments, such as lethargy, tiredness, sinus conditions, colds, flu, migraines and other headaches, body odor, bad breath and skin break out – which are all positive signs of imbalance within your body.

BioEnergiser effectively rebalances the whole body and can correct each and every one of those symptoms. But even more dramatic improvements have been obtained by sufferers of considerably more serious ailments, such as these:

• Leg swelling

• Lymphedema (collection of lymph inside tissues, more leg swelling and fatigue)

• Hyper hydrosis (severe sweating in some areas)

• Psoriasis (scaly red areas, especially on the surfaces of scalp, elbows and knees)

• Eczema (infection or inflammation of the skin, recurring skin rashes, redness, dryness, itching, cracking, flaking, blistering, bleeding, crusting or oozing.)

• Lymphatic gland toxins (blocked and backed up waste dumping systems)

If the body is unable to defend itself against foreign substances and these ailments occur, it is time to call upon BioEnergiser to clean out the cholesterol, attacking viruses and bacteria that have invaded your system. This super-efficient filtering method will be your key to immunity against numerous diseases.



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