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Living Successful Life Is An Art

Living is an art. To live well a man must have an ideal or a mission in life. Life must be well disciplined and planned otherwise there will be chaos and discontentment. For living life well, zest, energy, health and a noble mission are essential. A life without a purpose is a life lost. It is empty dream and without any charm. Life is has always both sides and light and serious. It has tragedies and comedies. It has pleasure and sorrow. It has work and leisure. A man should keep us the courage to face the hardship and work for achieving the mission in planned way.

Every man that is born in this world has a desire to live well. The life has various aims for various people. To some life is an empty dream without a motive. They eat and drink and continue to exist for the sake of living no mission to struggle and fight. Their ideal to eat well to make merry and enjoy the material things of life. Their ideal is to eat that wealth for the sake of luxury and comfort and pleasure.

The life is however not so easy at present. Even to make money for the sake of comfort and luxuries you have got to work hard and perform the social before the society can allow one to earn to money and the wealth. Modern state works under certain principle of social behavior and do not allow people to go about making money without caring to perform certain duties which are useful for the society.

Life is complicated in modern scenario. It needs to be well planned, if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Whether your mission or ideal is materialistic or spiritual you have got to plan. To make life worth living you must work hard towards the object of your mission. Life without mission is a life lost. A life without planning is a life wasted. Discipline mission and hard work are imported virtues of a successful man. If you are a patriot and desire to be a political to earn name and fame in the service to the society, you must plan exactly what you want. If you want to do the service to the people and to represent their cause in elected assemblies, you must win over the support of the voters by giving them honest account of services.

If you wish to be an artist you must choose the field of your art. But howsoever great the unborn qualities which you may possess in that art unless you can make it useful to the society your art will prove worthless. Present day society wants practical things. If you are a painter your paintings must have a commercial scope. They should be applicable to various industries like textiles and handicrafts. If you want to be an engineer you have to acquire the necessary qualification to become so.

Modern life has grown up into science from just an art. Modern scientific and technological advancements have made man a slave of science and technology. The values of life have changed. Time has become money and wealth. More a person work hard and follows a planned way more he achieves in life. Life is becoming faster and faster day by day. Man is left gaping in wonder over the speed of things. The electricity, the cinema, the wireless, the car, the radio, the aero plane, the telephones, the television and similar amenities of science have changed the atmosphere of life.

The picture of modern society is grim yet the art of living demands looking brighter side of things we have to go with the lines. There is no going back we have to go ahead. Let us work hard and do everything with the fever of a missionary. Let us do or best served the society. Modern life provides all the facilities for the upkeep of the trimmed personalities and the sharp mind. Besides the books and the education, there is an influence of the cinema, the television and the radio. These instruments keep you abreast of times and keep your mind sharp and bright. If modern life makes it necessary for the man to use science and technology, no man desired to achieve greatness can afford to violate the basic principles of good living.



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