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Silent period begins for first round of elections

KATHMANDU — The silent period for the first round of parliamentary and provincial assembly elections began from Thursday mid-night. The plitical parties and independent candidates are now barred from organizing any types of election campaigns, the Election Commission said.

However, the parties and candidates can continue election campaigns in the districts where seconnd round of elections are is taking place.

“Parties can continue their publicity campaigns in the districts other than those where the first round of election is taking place,” said Election Commissioner Narendra Dahal.

Political parties, candidates and other stakeholders must stay away from holding election publicity materials and should not be pasted within a periphery of 300 meters from the polling centers.

Similarly, candidates and stakeholders are allowed to use electiuon materials such as clothes, caps, stickers, logos, bags, towels and tattoos which carry election symbols of poll candidates during the silence period.

Likewise, the use of social networking sites and electronic media for publicity campaigns and wooing voters is also strictly forbidden. The EC has warned of action against those who violate the poll code. If any candidate or party breaches the silent period, the EC can impose a fine of Rs 100,000 in cash along with the cancellation of his or her candidacy.

The EC has said that all preparations for the first round of elections have been completed while preparations for the second round of elections are about to complete.



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