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No vehicular movements on Sunday

KATHMANDU — The Election Commission has imposed ban on using public and private vehicles in 32 districts on Sunday where first phase of House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly election is taking place.

The prohibition will come into effect from Saturday midnight to Sunday 5:00 pm in all 32 districts, according to Spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal of EC.

“No Public and private vehicles will be allowed to ply on the road during the elections and even after the voting is over without special permission”, Dhakal said.

Ambulances, emergency services, vehicles used by security agencies, national observers, diplomatic officials, press and the commissions are allowed after getting approval from the concerned authorities, the EC has clarified.

“Banning other [public and private] vehicles are necessary to ensure that people who want to manipulate votes and voters intending to cast bogus votes cannot travel easily,” Dhakal said.

The candidates and political party’s leaders also need the special permission from the authorized department for the use of vehicles on the polling day, the election body has said.

Light vehicles and motorcycles, however, will be allowed with the pass to manage mobility of old age and disabled.

The first phase of House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly election is being held in total 32 districts of Provinces 1,2,4,5,6 and 7. There 7 districts of Province 1, 6 districts in Province 2, 6 districts in Province 4, 2 districts in Province 5, 6 districts in Province 6 and 4 districts in Province 7.



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