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Rajinikanth announces political debut, to launch his own party

KATHMANDU — Nepal’s popular folk rock band, Nepathya has released a fresh music video of their first official song, ‘Aaganai Bhari’, as part of its 25 years celebration on Thursday.

The song was first released on 1st April 1993, Nepathya said in a presse statement issued Thursday.

“We have come a long way since this song was recorded. Looking at the pictures from our first album, makes me nostalgic and realize how I have aged,” Amrit Gurung,one of the band members and lead vocalist, said.

In the early 90s, Nepathya was initiated by 3 young lads from Pokhara — Deepak Jung Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung. Later Rabin Shrestha, Suresh Poon and Duddhi Gurung joined the team.

“It has been 25 years since the band was formed, since then Nepathya has witnessed 21 musicians come and go, all contributing to the present glory of Nepathya,” Amritt said.

“We released this video to celebrate and thank all those who contributed to Nepathya during this 25 year long journey. We have tried to acknowledge all of them in this video” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepalaya, the promoters of Nepathya, as stated in the statement.

The video is based on a live track performed by the current band members of Nepathya and audio is from Nepathya’s Butwal show of 25th February 2017.

The visuals are used from Nepathya’s open air live performances in Kalika School, Butwal, Tundikhel,Kathmandu and Pokhara Stadium, it said in the statement.



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