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Egypt detains female singer over racy music video

CAIRO — Egypt has detained a female singer over a racy video posted online, the second singer to face such legal action in recent months.

Authorities say she was detained on Wednesday.

Laila Amer was charged with violating public decency and inciting debauchery over the video, titled ‘Bos Omak,’ or ‘Look at Your Mother’ a pun on a popular Arabic profanity.

Amer appeared at the end of December in a music video called ‘Boss Omek’ which includes sensual bellydancing and suggestive gestures.

Last month, Shaimaa Ahmed, another female singer, faced similar charges. She was sentenced to two years in prison, which was reduced to one year on appeal.

Ahmed’s video showed her dancing in her underwear and suggestively eating an apple and a banana before a classroom of young men. It created a stir on social media in conservative Muslim-majority Egypt.

Prosecutors in Egypt have detained a female singer for four days for ‘incitement to debauchery’ after an online video clip sparked controversy

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