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28 pairs bulls in fray on Maghe Sangkranti bull fighting celebration

ACHHAM — A twenty-two-year-old woman in Achham was found dead on Monday morning in a Chhaupadi hut as she was forced to spend the night away from home during her period as per the local tradition.

The deceased has been identified as Gauri Budha(not in picture), the wife of Birendra Budha of Turmakhand Rural Municipality-3, Bhairabsthan, according to police.

Deceased’s father in law Dambar Bahadur Budha siad that the family had to smash the door of the menstrual hut as Gauri didn’t wake up till late morning. A day before her death, she was actively involved in the field along with her family members, said Dambar Bahadur, adding that she was not ill at all.

Gauri was studying in grade 11 at Turmakhand-based Kalikeshwori Secondary School.

The husband of the deceased is with Nepal Police and is currently in Kathmandu. Family members are waiting for his arrival to perform the final rites.

Nepal government has recently banned Chhaupadi tradition.

Despite being announced punishable and declared free from menstrual huts, Chhaupadi is still prevalent in remote villages like Turmakhand as women are still considered impure and unclean during periods.



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