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Sridevi accidentally drowned on hotel bathtub

KATHMANDU — Mystery surrounding the death of Bollywood first female superstar Sridevi deepened on Monday after the Dubai government attributed it to ‘accidental drowning’ in a hotel bathtub after losing consciousness.

The Roopki Rani Actress, 54, died of accidental drowning after losing balance and falling into a bathtub full of water, according to the forensic report. Traces of alcohol were also found in the actor’s body, reported the Gulf News.

“Following the completion of post mortem analysis, Dubai police headquarters on Monday stated that the death of the Indian actress Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment’s bath tub following loss of consciousness,” the Dubai government’s media office said on Twitter.

She reportedly had a fainting spell in her bathroom and was immediately rushed to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. The police transferred the case to the Dubai Public Prosecution for investigation.

As the case was transferred to the Dubai Public Prosecution for regular legal procedure, the police called in Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor for questioning and his statement has been recorded.

While the initial claim was she died due to cardiac arrest, there was no confirmation whether it was detected during post-mortem.

Khaleej Times quoting sources said the lab report indicated she slipped and fell into the bathtub that was full of water as she was in an inebriated state.The body is likely to embalmed only on Tuesday.


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