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Essential Ways To Boost Metabolism

The most essential way to boost metabolism is to eat healthy food, perform exercise that are very interesting and contribute to the increase of the heart beat, relaxing for a good measure of time and ingesting supplements that are rich in minerals and vitamins are great booster of metabolism. Do …

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Anti-Aging Products

The world seems to be obsessed with Anti-Aging and many brands are focusing on anti-aging products. Truth be known, no one can stop time and we all grow old with the passage of years. Getting old is a natural process and its signs become visible after the age of 30. …

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From Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers to Civilized Settlements: Why?

One of the bigger mysteries in modern anthropology is the transition from nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles to agricultural-based settlements. This is known as the “Agricultural Revolution”. There are as many ideas and theories for the independent and relatively sudden transition from hunter-gatherer to settlements dependent of farming, as there are anthropologists …

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