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The main advantages of playground tiles

Many of you would probably have noticed a different sort of type for mat content being placed on top of playgrounds. The material is not going to look for example asphalt or simply like fire wood. Instead it’s an innovative kind for material. That material is not really the occasional …

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Khalifah Method

Khalifah Method: 3 Simple Steps 1. Teach children to understand and love their role and responsibilities as Khalifah of Allah.2. Give lots of warm and loving praise for the good things children do and good characteristics they show3. Set firm reasonable rules and enforce those rules consistently with “kind discipline” …

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Natural Remedies for Asthma

If person suffering from asthma resorts to natural remedies for a quick then following up with a routine is important. Natural remedies for asthma include making changes in daily diet because it directly affects a person’s body. Change the lifestyle as much as possible avoid stress if possible, stay in …

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