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Uber’s Frankenboard arrives

Today was a momentous day in Uber history. After much debate, rumors and strife over the past few weeks, it looks like the company and its shareholders have come to an agreement over a tender offer that will see SoftBank own nearly 15 percent of the company, while also injecting …

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What to expect at CES 2018

I know, right? Christmas just ended and the New Year hasn’t even dawned — but we’re already ramping up for CES mode, and we’re taking you down with us. The biggest tech show of the year is set to officially kick off January 9 — which actually means the big …

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Hiring has gone Hollywood

In Los Angeles, where I live, there are three things you can always count on. The first is weather — perfect to the point of being boring. The second is traffic — awful to the point of dictating a surprising number of daily decisions about where to go and when. …

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