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Huge amount of firecrackers seized from Saptari

RAJBIRAJ — A police patrol team in Saptari district has seized a huge amount of firecrackers on Sunday. Different brands of banned firecrackers imported secretly were impounded, police said adding that price of the seized firecrackers amounts some Rs 130,000. Every year, huge amount of fire crackers is imported from …

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Self-driving cars and shipping containers

The most wonderful and most terrible things about new technologies are their emergent properties. The latest example is, of course, Fake News On Facebook; who would have thought that connecting everyone via social media would lead to wildly divergent narratives of (so-called) reality? And yet here we are. But if …

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Why is your dongle called a 'dongle?'

Dongles have become a pervasive aspect of our existence.  New iPhone users who refuse to abandon the headphone jack are common dongle users. Dongle streaming devices are regularly employed in our homes, drooping from the television. Even Google is making more dongles now, to accompany its new Pixel 2 phones.  …

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