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Reasons Why Sleep is Important

It is widely supported that sleep is vital in leading a healthy lifestyle. Many people still sleep less than the recommended number of hours, though. It may not seem that much to those who cut off their sleeping time for their personal endeavors, but sleep is something that you can …

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Why do couples prefer Swinging lifestyle?

People join swinging lifestyle to meet their sexual demands. They meet and greet multiple partners to spend an adventurous evening. Swingers don’t neglect their partner during the activities. In fact, it is a mode to renew the lost love, passion and understanding between couples. It adds stability in the love …

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Tencent increases its focus on artificial intelligence

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and Chinese tech companies, thoughts often begin and end with Baidu. But Tencent, Asia’s second highest-valued tech company behind Alibaba, has reminded the world that it too is investing in the field. Search giant Baidu was one of the first to make a major commitment to deep learning. It spent over …

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