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Why SAFE notes are not safe for entrepreneurs

Pascal Levensohn Contributor Pascal Levensohn is a San Francisco-based venture capitalist with over 22 years of VC experience through Levensohn Venture Partners and Dolby Family Ventures. He is a former director of the National Venture Capital Association. Andrew Krowne Contributor Andrew Krowne is a principal at Levensohn Venture Partners and …

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How to maintain healthy heart?

Maintaining a healthy heart is not rocket science. All you need to do is take some precautions and pay attention to your everyday diet & lifestyle. Here is a list of habits which you must include in your day to day life to get a fit heart. 1. Have more …

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Lifestyle changes for the prevention of asthma

  Introduction: Asthma can be defined as condition of lungs that may result in inflammation or swell ing and soreness of air passages. [1] Asthma and similar allergic ailments are substantially increasing at an alarming rate globally. Westernized countries and countries switching over to a westernized lifestyle have greater incidence …

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