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Zcash: life on the crypto roller coaster

Suppressed in Japan. Championed in New York. Accused of betraying the billion-dollar community he created with an arcane and byzantine ritual, while accidentally solving — maybe — a transnational clandestine mining mystery. All this while leading the rollout of some of the world’s most cutting-edge cryptographic technology into production. It’s …

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A New Fashion: A Low-Carbon Life

Recently, there is a new way of saying hello. People greet each other by asking, “Are you reducing the carbon?” The reason of such a greeting lies in the terrible change of the climate. In recent years, disasters such as the frequent typhoons, floods and droughts, the rapid melting glacier …

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Five Signs of a Successful Life

Anyone can see that we live in a materialistic society. In a society that glorifies a consumerist lifestyle, the most common standard of success is purchasing power. However, not everyone is fulfilled with the meaningless accumulation of private property. Some people value their health over the size of their income. …

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Living Successful Life Is An Art

Living is an art. To live well a man must have an ideal or a mission in life. Life must be well disciplined and planned otherwise there will be chaos and discontentment. For living life well, zest, energy, health and a noble mission are essential. A life without a purpose …

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